The monsoon is a season of humidity and rain that always ends up ruining our makeup. What if we told you we have ways to make that look last longer and not lose its charm? You have to use certain products and apply some methods to keep your skin fresh, oil free, non-greasy during the monsoons.

Boddess is here to help you with the same, here are essential beauty and makeup kits you need to face rainy weather.

From the usual liquid or sketch eyeliner, this season you can switch to a gel-based eyeliner. It is long lasting and dries quickly, which makes it reliable. Plus, it's colorful and lightweight to wear in the monsoon season or any time of the year. Gel eyeliners are a must in your all-season makeup kit, they are easy to wear and make your eyes glamorous without hassle and mess.
In the monsoon season, skin can feel sticky due to extreme humidity and weather conditions, but with the help of an oil-free moisturizer, you can keep it oil and grease free, which will prevent you from contracting acne. at the end of the day. to humid climate. It also keeps the skin hydrated from the inside and oil-free for the rest of the day. You can choose from Neutrogena, Loreal Paris and Biotique for the best oil-free moisturizers.
A primer is a very important makeup kit, essential for monsoon or any other season, it gives you a perfect base to apply other makeup products, which in itself is an important element. Plus, a primer helps makeup stay longer and gives it a perfect finish. For the monsoon season or summer, invest in a good waterproof foundation that will make your makeup last longer even in extreme weather conditions and won't run all over your face due to moisture and sweat. 
 4. Face Wash
Unlike harsh cleansers and facial cleansers, it's best to use a mild cleanser to remove oil and dirt build-up on the skin. A mild cleanser will effectively remove dirt while moisturizing the skin and won't damage it with harsh items like soap or other harsh facial cleansers. You can also use a natural cleanser or you can always opt for a mild cleanser or facial cleanser available in stores near you. Wash your face at least twice a day with it.
Another important thing to keep in mind during the monsoon season is that it can rain at any time, so you need to wear a waterproof mask and Kajal so it doesn't slip off easily in any situation or condition. And not just the Kajal and the mascara, all the makeup you choose should be waterproof as it is always better and safer to have waterproof makeup at any time of the year.
During the monsoon season, the atmosphere is uncomfortable and greasy most of the time and people don't feel like wearing makeup in that weather. But a cream blush gives you a nice touch without going out of your way and stays put regardless of the weather. Add an extra touch to the whole look, a little blush will always make your face more attractive and beautiful.

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