Staying hydrated is very important. And if, instead of water, you drink more juice, sodas, sodas, and other flavoured drinks, you should stop immediately - or at least reduce their consumption. This is only because these drinks contain calories that can harm the health. Talking about the same, to explain everything about consuming liquid calories.

"Water calories of almost any kind - alcohol, juice, soda, energy drinks, sugar water, sports drinks, coffee or tea drinks - are stealth calories. We don't often think of them as -added to our daily calorie intake, but they have an effect when consumed regularly, "he wrote the post, also listing the negative effects of these calories.

Increases blood sugar levels

Calories from liquid sugar can lead to high blood sugar and insulin resistance. There is a link between high fructose intake and reduced insulin sensitivity and increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Sugary drinks seem to increase this chance of providing a large amount of fructose in a short period of time. When you eat more fructose than your liver can store as glycogen, the extra fructose is converted into fat. Some of this fat is stored in your liver, which can lead to inflammation, insulin resistance, and high blood sugar.

Causes weight gain

Liquid does not provide the same feeling of satiety or satisfaction as solid food because the body does not "register" liquid calories in the same way as calories from solid food. This can cause a person to continue to eat even after consuming a drink with high calories, which leads to an increase in calories and, therefore, weight gain.

Increases heart risk

Sugar water also has a negative effect on heart health. High fructose consumption increases the level of triglycerides and other fat molecules in the blood. These high levels of fat in your blood increase your risk of heart disease. "Water calories can add up quickly if you're not careful, so be aware of them. So make smart summer drink choices," he added. So what can you have?

As per dietician:

* If you want to have your fruit in the form of juice, eat it in the pulp without adding sugar. * Another way to enjoy fruit in juice form is to use cold water, where many of the nutrients can be retained.

* Therefore, when it comes to fruits, the best thing to do is to eat them as they are.

Some of the "healthy, cheap and low calorie" drinks include lemonade, coconut water, milk, paanagam, sharbat and lassi. Carry these drinks when you go out or buy drinks. such people instead of drinking soft drinks is a sustainable and nutritious option,” said nutritionist.