Every year, new fitness trends invade the industry and change the game. As people return to the shared health space in 2022, metabolic tracking creates waves in their dedicated community. As we enter the new year, we can expect some changes in fitness, equipment, workouts, habits and more. As enthusiasts continue to experiment with their exercise routines, newer, better, and more intense exercise routines will prevail. If you need help deciding on your new year's fitness resolutions, here is a look at the fitness trends that await you in 2023.

1. Virtual Reality Training

Exercising in the gym can be overwhelming, especially if you are someone who likes to change environments all the time. With a VR workout, you can treat your mind with fun icons and give your workout an exciting twist. Brands like Supernatural and FitXR offer VR headsets and exercise programs you can buy and subscribe to.

2. Smart Ring

Whether we like it or not, wearable technology is here, and it is changing fast. The latest method to create a market for oneself is the smart ring. Small, smart, and bright, these fitness apps can help you track different aspects of your workout and overall health. Some brands like Ultrahuman also offer smart rings like metabolic rate monitors to help you monitor your glucose consumption.

3. Exercise to improve mental health

In a world full of goodness, there is no room for a "no pain, no gain" attitude. Instead of torturing yourself with exercise you do not like, 2023 will be about doing the kind of exercise that will make you feel good. Research shows that exercise is good for improving your mental health. So, here is an opportunity to get the most out of your workout and sweat while being happy and healthy.

4. Primordial Movement

The first movement is a form of functional training based on human movements, such as squats, pushes, lunges, pulls, etc. It's an effort to strengthen the foundation and help you recognize the movement patterns it was built for. And when you combine the 7 main movements and put them together in a flow or process, you will get what is called meat flow, which is another popular training.

 5. Dance Fitness

Whether it is Zumba, Jazzercise, Barre workouts or Cardio music, we all love to dance our bugs away. Perhaps the reason for the popularity of dance gymnastics is the fact that it almost does not feel like exercise. According to research conducted by Cult. Fit, dance and strength training are most popular among users under the age of 30. If you want to dance while burning fewer calories, consider adding this exercise to your workout a few times a week.